When we go on holiday, we will definitely need some extra cash to spend on various things. Whether it is for clothes, food, accessories or for entrance fees at tourist destination sites, money is required to be carried around which might make us an easy target for burglary.

Credit vs cash

It is more convenient to use your credit card while on vacation. It is also the better choice in case of a burglary. If you lose cash, it is irreplaceable, but it you lose the credit card, you can contact the bank and they will deactivate it. You will not be responsible for fraudulent purchases. However, using a credit card can also tempt you to spend without being careful which you can later regret. So carry a small amount of cash along with your credit card and give yourself a daily budget. This way you won’t spend more than you are supposed and your money is safer as well. However, remember not all places may accept credit cards.

Keep your valuables out of sight

It is common for most hotels rooms to have a   digital deposit safe box Singapore,  which you can use to keep your valuables in, while you travel around. Whether it is jewellery, cash or other valuables, you can place it inside and enter a code of your choice which nobody else would be able to access. When you leave your room, you can confidently ask for a clean-up before you come back for the night because you are assured that your valuables are secure inside the box. It is best if you contact the hotel and ask whether it is available before you book a room. This way you can walk around with ease while you shop and sightsee at your destination spot.

Safeguard wallet and electronics

Some valuables are essential to be carried around with you. Keep them close to your body as much as possible. Instead of putting your wallet in a bag where a thief can easily grab and run, keep it in a pouch in your money belt which is firmly adhered to your body. It is hard for you to misplace it and a thief to steal it from you. This is also the more comfortable choice as you won’t have to carry a bag which would pain your shoulders. Phones also can be kept in these. But if you are carrying any electronics like phones, laptops or tabs, then make sure you password protect them so that your confidential data cannot be accessed even it was stolen.

Take a note of the information above and keep your money safe while you travel.

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