An organization or a business mean a load of work assigned on many people who are striving to bring success to the business. Regardless of the size, every business should be divided to different departments in order to pump up its sales and enhance its success. Businesses which doesn’t have the necessary departments will be facing for a great deal of trouble and would not be on the right track. To understand what departments should be included and why, we have put together this article.


Company Administration

The Chief Executive Officers and other managers at high ranks who are involved in making decisions on behalf of the company will come under this category. This is the most crucial part of any organization as they are the ones behind all the decisions and strategies taken. The managers will be in-charge of the employees. They will provide them with the necessary advices and guide them. They will be responsible for the employees and also, they have the power to interview and hire new employees. The CEO will be in-charge of the managers.


Every company is involved with numbers. Thereby they need personnel’s in charge of the accounting services Hong Kong. These people will be handling the book keeping, and will keep track of all the revenue, expenses, equity and every other numbers. They will be involved in preparing the necessary financial statements, ledgers and balance sheets. Thereby, the persons hired to work in this specific department needs to have a thorough knowledge on business and accounting. A company will be hiring people with the correct qualifications and experiences.



Human Resource is another important section of a company. The human resources company Hong Kong or the department involved in HR will be working on enhancing the company and striving to take it to success. They will be working on bringing forth customer satisfaction, strengthening the bonds between employer and employees, creating a good name for the company and more.

Advertising and marketing

This department involves a group of creative people who are determined to create a good profile and an outlook to the company by getting marketing and advertising done right. They will be responsible for developing the company’s packaging, creative materials, media and more. This would mainly consist of creative or content writers, graphics designers, social media managers and more. They will use various platforms to spread the word.


These are some basic and important departments of an organization. Every department will be involved in various aspects of the business. They will be contributing to the success of the business by the services they are in charge of.

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