Few years ago, Singapore was a low income earning country that people never thought of visiting. However, today it has become one of the most developed countries due to its open market policies. Along with businesses, its education system also evolved and improved, becoming home to some of the world’s most leading universities. So of you are considering studying abroad, here are a few reasons why you should choose Singapore.

  1. Endless opportunities

With its open economic policies, foreign universities have invested immensely in the country so you can get a highly acclaimed degree at an affordable price. Also, investors from all over the world start new companies which open up accounting, taxation, legal or corporate banking jobs Singapore. Hence as soon as you finish you degree, you can join these multinational companies. Companies pay higher salaries than the global average and hence you get a good start.

  1. Amazing weather and fun activities

You don’t need to worry about the stone cold winters and extremely hot summers. Unlike other countries in South-East Asia, Singapore has very mild and calm sea weather. With unexpected showers and sunny afternoons throughout the year, it will be like you are spending your summer vacation the whole year. In such good weather, you can have fun shopping, going to the beach or a theme park. Even on hot days, you won’t feel a thing since all important public places such as malls, cafes and shops are air conditioned.

  1. English-speaking culture

Thanks to its vast amount of foreign investments, over 75% of the population can speak in English and hence it will be easier for you to adjust and get around the cities. Most importantly, university courses are conducted in English and hence you will not feel any difficulty in your academics. Also, all students will be speaking in English, be it the locals or international students, so it will not even take a minute to make good friends.

  1. Clean and safe

The country is known to be a green garden as its main city roads are filled with trees on the sides, while having ample green parks to spend your evenings at. Littering around is a serious offence and hence no people would dare to make the city unclean. The country was ranked second in 2017 in the world’s safest cities index. It has a very low crime rate due to its strict rules and regulations. There have been recoded 135 days with no complaint of a single crime. Public transport methods are very efficient and safe even at nigh time.

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